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Gozumaru and Mezumaru - Don’t Stop Till The End!!

Gozu’s and Mezu’s Character Song.




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I gave in, I blame Altie and Rina and every KHR RP blog I follow.


A firm grip snags his wrist, halting his movement. He takes in his sibling’s words. He’s not necessarily hiding his feelings, more of just not discussing them. The shade doesn’t want to worry his family, so he keeps everything bottled inside.


Guilt has been with him since that day. His brother wouldn’t leave his side, even when he recovered a week later. “Am I not holding you back?” Ritsu slightly raises his tone. “You shouldn’t carry my weight on top of your’s. I just feel as if everyone is tiptoeing around me, like if they touch me, I’ll break! It’s my own fault! So, I have to deal with the consequences!” He tries his best to keep tears from pooling in his eyes, and flowing down his cheeks. “I don’t want to burden my family!”

"Am I not holding you back?"

Rihan’s face gave huge signs  of confusion, what was going on through his brothers mind to make him think such a thing. “Hold me back? Baka! You’re one of the reasons why I got stronger, no one holds me back Ritsu. On the contrary, you’re all my reason for living, for fighting, to continue to walk this path I have chosen and I have no worries or fears because I know you’re all here by my side. You guys, especially you, Ritsu, are my strength.” he retorted back.

His grips on his brother tightens a bit and his free hand clenches into a tight fist. These thoughts, he wondered why these thoughts were there in the first place. Haven’t their family shown him how much they all care for one another, for them, for their father and their princess. You idiot, that’s just their way of showing you they care, they can’t express it any other way, some don’t know how to but they try. They look up to you, to me, to dad most of all since he’s the nexus, the creator of this family. You’re not a burden to us, not to anyone. You and dad are my strength, just as we are dad’s and I’m hoping you think the same of us. Without you we’re incomplete Ritsu. You’re not a burden to anyone, so stop these stupid thoughts from flooding your mind, because they’re not true."

Though what had occurred back them was something that Rihan wished didn’t he let it go, used it as a motive to get stronger and move forward, they had to. Time stopped for no one, besides it was when they were both inexperienced with real battle. Now, now things were on a completely different level. Besides, if anything were to happen to me, I know everything will be fine in your hands, I trust you little brother, so trust us as well." One day I’ll be gone, when that happens, I know you’ll be there still to watch over the clan just like the old man.

Without death there iss no life, without life there is not death.


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"Hello there. It seems we have crossed paths again."




Why hello there darling, you missed little ol’ me?

Darling? Well, that was something she didn’t expect from him. 


"Well, I might have missed you, a little.” Aya gave the other a gentle smile. 

A small smirk curved his lips, “Only a little, ouch.” he feigns being hurt, teasing her a bit. “Why only a little?~”