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A number of great artworks featuring youkai from the Nura Clan. This is just a small number of them though: visit the author’s (ねこりたつき) post on Pixiv for more!


A few Setsura artworks that I found recently ;)

(Source 1)

(Source 2) - site either down or April’s Fool in effect… will update the link later if needed


 Independent AU Lord Sesshomaru

[Selective] Willing to give most people a shot, but if I don’t like your writing or characterisation, I’m not going to waste either of our times.

[Lengths] One Liner | Para | Multi-Para | Walls of Text

[Themes] Violence | Drug abuse | Alcohol abuse | Science Fiction | Emotional Manipulation | Graphic Homo Sex

[Triggers] Trigger heavy, they probably won’t be tagged, it is a demon after all.

[Replies] Slow as fuck, I have multiple blogs I attempt to run.

[Multiverse and Multiship] Mainverse Relationship is with Kouga, However, he is not purposed for shipping, so it’s unlikely one will develop. He does like acting fatherly to younger muses tho

[Crossover Friendly] Crossovers are one of my favourite things to roleplay, so that is a yes.

[OC Friendly] If it’s lacking in information, no. To be honest, this is the same for canon characters.

[NSFW] You’ll probably see it frequently as I’m a horny young man, so yeah. That is tagged as #fuck me fuckable

[Smut] Will only be written with those of a legal age.

[Anon hate and other bullshit] Will not be tolerated, I more or less run my blogs with an iron fist, do not start shit, I’m not particularly nice when provoked.

[Wanna rp] Plotting works best for me, I can not just wing it.

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TRACK NAME: Osore o Matou
ALBUM TITLE: Nurarihyon no Mago OST1
ARTIST: Kouhei Tanaka


(Nurarihyon no Mago) Kouhei Tanaka - Osore o Matou


submitted by anonymous.